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Tribute to a tiny pirate

It was in summer 2011 as we met for the first time. At the beginning the encounters were so short and confusing, that I did not know what “it” actually was. All I knew was that “it” yelled at night waking me up again and again, ate some of the food left outside for wild animals, drank the cream mix we made for stray cats and hid somewhere on the property.

It lasted weeks until we discovered that “it” was in fact a very young cat which had lost its mother at some point, far too early as it seemed. The kitten played in the garden most of the time and found a way into our cellar at night or when it rained. It was very shy and would not let us come close.


Weeks passed by again, we made sure there was always something for him to eat and drink. We watched fall arrive and with it some less friendly weather. That was the time when the kitten began to find interest in us, or to be more precise in our dog and her game of “catching the ball”. The young cat found this more and more fascinating and started to run after the ball too, but of course the dog was ridiculously strong and quick in comparison. So I found a small toy that resembled a ball more suitable to the little cat´s size and presented it to him. That was it! I threw it away, not too far, the dog thought “what? this little thing? are you kidding me?” and so did not even think about running after it. The kitten did though and so we had finally something to build upon.

Weeks of patience as well as trial and error followed. We kept playing with him every day and very slowly he would let us come as near as one step away from him. His star remained our dog quite clearly, until one day of october when the little kitten came close to my leg, I ducked and petted him as fondly as I could and you could literally see him wonder how nice this was and think “what was that about anyway? is there more?”. We can only suppose that the lack of motherly love at such an early age made the kitten crave for affectionate physical contact. But it was high time too, since the weather forecast became quite critical for the days ahead. So we worked on trying to pet him more so maybe some day he would let us take him inside where he would be properly cared for. During that time, through an accident, a fight or some health problems, we still do not know exactly, the little cat lost the sight of an eye, a leg looked more stiff than usual and the little one seemed somewhat stricken. We worried if he could make it.


It lasted again and the weather had already worsened as we could finally take the kitten home on november 1st. At the doctor we unfortunately got informed that its immune system was weak and it would probably not live longer than a year. He said there was nothing he could do except for neutering him. Then at home, we informed ourselves what could help him best as we carry a large stock of homeopathic remedies anyway. So we took his health into our hands and mixed medicine to his cat milk.


Until a year ago, the one I keep calling “Baby Cat” for myself but actually was named Howie, drank regularly his medicine as a well-behaved kitten. His eyesight problem gave him kind of a pirate look we made jokes about. But during last year there was nothing we could do to make him drink his remedies, no meat, no cream, no fish. Nothing. And so his health deteriorated until his organs shut down a few days ago and he left us behind, sad in a very silent house.

We miss our little pirate and hope he was happy as we had the privilege to share over four years with him.


Jack Frost, ye scallywag!

All photographers, I suppose, professional or not, try to discover the beauty of what they are shooting to bring it out the best way possible. It has been brought to my attention lately that I tend to do that a lot, even if I do not like the subject for whatever reasons. In this case my way to proceed is different though, I try to show the unusual, what you notice at second sight at best, attempting to point at some strange or unexpected details.

Although Jack Frost´s first visit every year is exciting: crispy grass, fresh air and a white coat covering the landscape, as winter goes on and the cold remains everywhere incessantly, maybe you catch yourself, like me, feeling less sympathy for the guy. So I will try to show something else about Jack Frost today: the incredible textures resulting from a layer of ice crystals. These are alien, strange, almost tortured shapes which must look like wild and dangerous worlds for tiny creatures.












Have a beautiful day! :)

10 things I hate about winter…

Winter has practically just begun and I am already longing for warmth and more sun. So for fun, and to kill time until then, let´s make a short mental note why winter maybe looks romantic but, in fact, is not.

1. Stating the obvious, sorry, but it´s freaking COLD!!!

2. You need to wear so many clothes to keep you warm, some of them really thick, it makes you look fat or at best like a polar researcher and we all know how famous those are for their good looks and exquisite taste in fashion…

3. Many clothes also means more laundry. Seriously?!?

4. You have to shovel tons of snow early in the morning, preferably before breakfast, as if you were not hungry already. And sorry but my back does not talk to me anymore these days…

5. Let´s keep the snow topic: how come it ALWAYS results in huge puddles and dark patches on your floors after walking the dog? Really? Do I have to clean the floor AGAIN?

6. You have to heat everything you drink or eat because your body craves for some warmth inside.

7. It´s dark all the time. Like if you catch some daylight for a little while, it means it´s lunch time.

8. People from southern countries tell you how romantic winter is while you are shivering in your furry slippers and thinking about buying one more heater.

9. Your favorite word of the day becomes “BRRRR”, an elaborate piece of lexicology indeed!

10. Stating the obvious at the end again: it´s just not summer dammit!

What are your reasons not to like winter?

Have a beautiful day! :)


A particularly cold weather has hit our area this week. Shoveling snow as a pre-breakfast activity was certainly not our favorite time of the day but luckily, everything is now melting.

Here are some frozen “mementos” for you to enjoy, hopefully from a warm and cozy place :)








Have a beautiful day!

Another Nuremberg

Some time ago we had administrative errands to run in the next big city. Since we do not belong to Nuremberg´s fans for many reasons, we chose to experience it differently. This is what I would like to share with you today: another side of Nuremberg. There will be some urban still life, Nuremberg´s own version of Central Park, some rare vehicles, architecture and a strange little feathery fellow which followed me for quite a while during our walk. I hope you enjoy!

Wrapped in my warm jacket with a blanket scarf on top, my handbag on the left, camera bag on the right, my shadow in some of the pictures kind of frightened me. :)











my stalker in the park :)

my stalker in the park :)









Have a beautiful day!

Happy new year!

2016 is finally here: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!


missing bearson! please re-blog!

A little girl, a very sick one, could not get her present for Christmas this year. Let´s hope the German post office #DeutschePost will do what they were paid to do instead of sitting on their behind.




this is heart wrenchings an an my heart broke a widduls because of this upsetting stowy, and so i am askins all of my followers to pwease helps spwead the word, because we need all da help we can get. Yall wememburr this fella?


Muh Daddy wanteds to gifts him along wif other toys to a fwend of mine, a girlie who has it weavy beary tough in her life, and is wike stwuggle bus all the time, like in pain for weal and not much fun at all!


and so we made her a care package wif toys, hewwo kitty stickers, teddy bear mugs n stuff,  to cheers her up and gives her hope, and Cliff (the huges bear) was in therer, and other fun stuff to cheers a girlie up!


Well wot do you know, the mail service DHL Paket fwom BaBeariaGermany (Bavaria) lost the package somewhere…

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